Hi, I’m Bec, the Everyday Mediator

Most mediators will tell you all about the proven process we use to bring parties together to identify the cause of conflict and create a forward-focused solution, and that’s exactly what I do; but let’s face it, only other mediators care about the process of resolving conflict.

What you want to know is why you should choose me?

Well, for one thing, I have a knack for talking to people.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I offer a range of personalised, flexible conflict resolution services, with a focus on how your dispute can be resolved by and for you.

I can’t promise you a Happily Ever After, but I can promise you a safe space in which to share your experience and explore options to resolve the conflict.

Read more about my journey from lawyer to mediator and discover my super powers.

Meet the Everyday Mediator

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

Whether you need someone to talk to and work out how to manage a conflict in the workplace, an experienced mediator to facilitate the conversation between bickering staff, or are looking for some templates and guides to help you DIY, read on to see how I can help you sort out the drama so you can focus on what you do best.

Conflict Resolution Coaching


Many people need a bit of help and support to get through a stressful conflict situation. That’s where coaching and support comes in.

Whether it’s someone to support you in a difficult HR meeting, at a conciliation hearing or during statutory mediation, or skills and training to manage everyday conflict a little better, Rebecca has a coaching package that’s right for you.

With fixed fee packages for all coaching services, Rebecca will work with you to find the best response to whatever dispute you are dealing with.

Workplace Conflict Mediation


There are many reasons why an employer  turns to mediation.

While the mediation process allows for an examination of past wrongs and present hurts, its main focus is on creating a strategy or plan for the future.

Mediation shifts the focus from workplace conflict to workplace solution.

One barrier that stops employers accessing mediation is uncertainty around the costs. As a small business owner, Rebecca understands the cash flow and budget pressures her clients face, so offers fixed price packages for most mediation services.

Tools and Resources for Managers

You feel that, on the whole you’ve got this conflict management thing sorted, but you’re looking for new ideas to add to your toolkit?

Not ready to commit to mediation or coaching, but ready to dip your toe in?

Here you will find a range of Guides and Resources to help you DIY your ADR.

Support that is right for you

Begin your mediation journey

Learn more about conflict

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