Hi, I’m Bec, the Everyday Mediator

I know what it’s like to be stuck in a toxic environment, with people constantly bickering and complaining. The good news is, as a nationally accredited mediator, I also know how to turn that around, and I am ready to share my insights with you.

I love untangling the threads that cause conflict and working with you to find solutions that really work for you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to conflict resolution. And frankly, you are the expert on your life so who better to create your ideal solution?

I offer a range of fixed price packages for workplace mediation, conflict coaching, conciliation support for Fairwork Australia, Workers Compensation and other national tribunals. I also provide training and support for workplace teams dealing with inbound customer complaints to feel confident and at ease.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict Resolution Coaching


Many clients need a bit of help and support to get through a stressful conflict situation. That’s where coaching and support comes in.

Whether it’s someone to support you in a difficult HR meeting, at a conciliation hearing or during statutory mediation, or skills and training to manage everyday conflict a little better, Rebecca has a coaching package that’s right for you.

With fixed fee* packages for all coaching services, Rebecca will work with you to find the best response to whatever dispute you are dealing with.


* excluding travel

Support that is right for you

Workplace Conflict Mediation


There are many reasons why an employer  turns to mediation.

While the mediation process allows for an examination of past wrongs and present hurts, its main focus is on creating a strategy or plan for the future.

Mediation shifts the focus from workplace conflict to workplace solution.

One barrier that stops employers accessing mediation is uncertainty around the costs. As a small business owner, Rebecca understands the cash flow and budget pressures her clients face, so offers fixed price* packages for most mediation services.

*excluding travel

Begin your mediation journey

Tools and Resources for Managers

You feel that, on the whole you’ve got this conflict management thing sorted, but you’re looking for new ideas to add to your toolkit?

Not ready to commit to mediation or coaching, but ready to dip your toe in?

Here you will find a range of Guides and Resources to help you DIY your ADR.

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Client Love - What people are saying about Rebecca

Your first step should be contacting Rebecca

If you think that a mediator could help you reach a legal resolution (and reduce your stress while saving legal costs) or a court orders you to mediation, your first step should be contacting Rebecca. Then the process will flow and your situation gets resolved. Melinda Samson, Owner, Click-Winning Content clickwinningcontent.com.au

A breath of fresh air during a difficult time

Having met and discussed the stages of mediation with you was a breath of fresh air. You were very calm and thorough, and made me feel that I was on track in terms of the whole mediation process. You helped me to be more effective in calm and meaningful communication, highlighting what I had been doing right, and guiding me through area’s that I didn’t know and needed assistance and advice with. I would happily recommend you to anyone who is going through the separation and mediation process, and wish you all the future success that you deserve. Jason Hanmer

Rebecca is an excellent communicator

Rebecca is an excellent communicator, she understands situations/explanations quickly and is able to explain in detail and in layman’s terms where she can value add, help you resolve a situation, be totally impartial, and able to bring a swift conclusion to a difficult situation bringing a win-win to both sides. Marsha Byron, Owner, Designer Showcase

An awesome web guide

[The Handy Guide to Mediation] is an awesome web guide that will answer many questions about Mediation. It is an excellent resource for those who have a mediation scheduled or planned as a phase in their legal matter.       James E. Novak, Defence Attorney, Arizona USA     http://www.novakazlaw.com/